Privacy Policy

Data protection

LARVA CLOTHING SA (hereinafter Larva) located at Vidal Alcocer Avenue 617 2-A, Colonia Morelos, Venustiano Carranza delegation, CP 15270, with ownership of the website and in accordance with the Federal Law on the protection of personal data held by individuals informs:

  1. The data provided by users of our website such as Name and email will be used for advertising and marketing purposes, at no time will your data be provided to third parties or for any other purpose that has not been previously described.
  2. In the same way, any user can express the refusal to use their data in the course of 5 business days after their registration.
  3. We also inform about the use of Cookies, only for informational and marketing purposes, if the user does not wish to accept this technology, they can deactivate it in the following way in some browsers: Mozilla Firefox: options , privacy and security, Cookies and site data, accept/block cookies. Google Chrome: settings, advanced settings, content settings, Cookies, allow/keep/block.

ARC rights

Users can also at any time request the correction, cancellation or opposition of the use of their personal data for the purposes already mentioned above in the following way:

An email should be sent to the following email: with subject "Revoke permissions", in which will be the description of the procedure that you want to carry out, the full name, address and email of the interested party, these must partially coincide with the data previously provided by the user, from that moment Larva will have 30 days to respond to the user via email.

Changes to the legal notice

Before making any changes to our legal notice, an email will be sent to all users of the website with the subject "Legal notice" there they will know the information necessary to accept or reject the procedure, it will be It will be effective in 30 days, which will be counted from the moment the information is sent.