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Ícono de diseño de calavera marca Larva

Our history and manifesto:

"larva is a metamorphosis, it is the change that is always happening"

In 2003 it was born as the artistic expression in search of our identity that was not satisfied with the fashion that was offered to us from abroad. In those days in Mexico we had the idea that what was outside was better so we decided to create our line, it has been transformed over the years, but the spirit is the same:

We want to raise awareness of where we come from, return to the worldview bequeathed to us by our ancestors from the great Tenochtitlan, remember the importance of being indigenous or of being mestizo, it is to empower ourselves, reconcile ourselves with our roots, above all, to return to respect and coexistence with mother earth. Let's take the best that our ancestors left behind and share it with the world.

Our values

  • Peace
  • Love
  • Respect
  • Equality
  • Unit

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