The Jaguar Warrior

The Jaguar Warrior

“The Jaguar Warrior”

It was one of the highest pre-Hispanic ranks with which a warrior could be distinguished in Mesoamerica. Wearing this insignia clothing meant having performed great deeds in battle, obtaining a large number of captives to honor the gods, as well as fighting with great ferocity and courage (imitating the jaguar), since each confrontation represented a hunt in life. real.

This warrior, by personifying the jaguar, represented the nocturnal and underworld forces, for which he could participate in special rituals, such as sacrifice.

Author: Iván Hernández Santiago

How fortunate we are now with the possibility of capturing these pre-Hispanic events in our clothes, carrying that unique history with us. We can tell a whole story with an image, it is part of the magic of art, taking a trip to the past, to our culture, our roots... Live in the here and now!

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